With A Loud Ovation Wherever You Are, let’s warmly welcome our DAY 3 WOMAN🥁🥁💃

She’s the Sweet, Caring, Intelligent and hardworking Queen 👑 Melanie Jade Boulerice @nursemelaniejadeb founder of @nomadicnurseagency 🎊
“Breaking the bias is what I’m all about in the health care industry. I bring a modernized health care approach that increases accessibility, providing quality care and prevent hospitalizations.
Your health starts at home and I’m here to change the system from treatment to prevention.
Another way I break the bias is by eliminating the health care hierarchy. Nurses and other health care professionals work in collaboration and plays a vital role in caring for patients. Its important that nurses exercise their fullest potential and it’s time to bring it out to shine.”
Thank you Melanie, We Love and Celebrate you🎉❤️🤗
Melanie Jade Boulerice, RN BScN is a Nurse-preneur and not your regular Trauma nurse, she’s your go-to for anything and everything related to health needs, always giving a listening ear and proferring solutions.
 Feel free to follow her on her Social media platforms and use her services. You’ll be glad you did.
438 888 8979
IG: @nomadicnurseagency
FB: Nomadic Nurse Agency

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