We Welcome Our Strong and Resilient Day 11 Woman, Bebe Raouph

Here comes our Strong and Resilient ‘DAY 11 WOMAN’


She is Bebe Raouph of @beyondbraceletsbybb


Bebe is into Stylish Handmade Jewelry


“I #choosetochallenge that if you can dream it, you can do it… And it’s never too late to start!


I have always been inspired by different forms of art from fashion to architecture and a lot more.


My mixed influences have brought me to creating pieces that can be worn by diverse backgrounds and age groups.

I especially love doing abstract pieces as each is unique in it’s own way.


As a self-trained artist, I take great pride in my work.

I love doing what I do and hopefully others will appreciate my work as well.”


Thank you Bebe, This is Inspiring


We Love and Celebrate You ??❣️