We Welcome Our Day 14 Woman, Sweet Queen Sonia Rodi

Make way for our strong, amazing and lovely Day14WOMAN ???


She’s the Sweet, Calm and fierce Queen ? Sonia Rodi @soniarodi_childbehaviorcoach ??



“There is no age limit in discovering your passion and purpose. At 47 years old, I embarked on this new, wonderful journey as a Child Behaviour Specialist/Coach. I am living life authentically and exactly where I am meant to be.”


Thank you Sonia, We Love and Celebrate you ?.


Sonia Is a Child Behaviour Coach and mom to the most amazing, smart, witty little boy with Down Syndrome named Matteo.

From the first day she received the diagnosis, she refused to let anyone place limits on Matteo due to his disability. It is a small part of who he is and makes him who he is!


Sonia’s wish is to help other families navigate this beautiful, crazy journey of parenting. A journey of hope, courage, and strength. Becoming a Child Behaviour Specialist/Coach was one of the best decisions she ever made. Through her journey, she hopes to inspire other parents to raise limitless children.


Feel free to use her consulting services by reaching out to her DM,

Your kids and loved ones will thank you for that opportunity to have Sonia walk the journey with them.


Sonia Rodi


Child Behaviour Specialist/Coach