Unveiling The Queen of Infectious Smiles, Our Day 10 Woman Francine Falcon

Unveiling the Queen ? of infectious smiles and radiance as our 2022 DAY 10 WOMAN ??


She’s no other than the creative and lovely Francine Falconer of ‘Divinity brand & Co @offical_divinity_brand. ??


“Breaking bias starts with self evaluations and dealing with your own insecurities and prejudice. Once you do that you are able to break any bias that you face personally and professionally.


One of the ways I try to break bias professionally and personally is to do self evaluations of myself and deal with my own insecurities and prejudice, don’t make judgements, be honest and fair. In my opinion once you do that you can break any bias that you may encounter in the future.”


Thank you Francine, We Love and Celebrate you?❣️


Francine is an early childhood educator and the founder of Divinity Brand & Co where she creates customized Tees & Shirts.

Feel free to follow her on her social media platform and use her services.