Shall we rise for our DAY 8 WOMAN, Fariha Naqvi Mohamed

Shall we rise for our DAY 8 WOMAN, This beautiful Champion whose large heart and passion for community building is admirable. She’s that sweet soul who isn’t ashamed to lend her voice in pushing all about diversity and inclusion in all its shapes and forms to everyone who cares to listen. Now, let’s say her name as we meet her Royal Sweetness! She is Queen Fariha? @farihanaqvi-mohammed ??


Fariha is a Video-journalist with CityNews Montreal, Op-ed columnist with the Montreal Gazette, founder and Editor-in-chief of, PR specialist and Diversity Expert.


“This year’s International Women’s Day theme is to embrace equity. To do so is not simply a matter of ensuring women have the same opportunities as one another but rather that measures are implemented to ensure everyone has an equitable chance to succeed. Different individuals can sometimes have various barriers that prevent them from succeeding; a true leader recognizes this and ensures that everyone has the tools they need to succeed.


As a journalist, I do this in a variety of ways, whether it is meeting my interviewees where they are, interviewing over Zoom, blurring their image if they wish to share their story but protect their identity, or simply helping my interviewees overcome a fear of the camera or public speaking. I do this because I believe deep in my core that everyone has a story to share. Helping equitably tell those stories helps level the playing field. As a woman of colour from a marginalized community, I understand this all too well.”


Thank you dear Fariha, we celebrate you dearly. ?