Rise up for this awesome black vendor

Honouring Black Vendors who have shown great tenacity, their beautiful love for Art, resistance and resilience while showcasing them for you to support them.
Rise up for this awesome black vendor, the daring, beautiful and fun loving Eva of @wanjiru.co?
‘Wanjiru, began in my living room. Through a conversation with my friends. The realization that in the Montreal market there was no unique African accessories, especially Kenyan accessories available for purchase.
 One of my friends had an event coming up, she urged me to participate. So I had an event to do,a few weeks to prepare and bam! Wanjiru was born!! That was four years ago.
With all the Covid closures, I took a two year break and then this year, I decided to revive it! I went to Kenya in January for my birthday, and chose three artisans that I will be working with to help and promote. As a bonus my cousin offered to be my manager on-site. The best thing ever! I believe in alignment and this trip was epic!!
Wanjiru’s goal stems from my grandmother’s policy of in investing in people; to help them help you.”
Support a black business today, tomorrow and everyday. It’s not only in February?