Our Beautiful Day 16 Woman, Queen Alyssa Rae Archer-Cooper

We present to you our amazing, cute, Intelligent, ever smiling 2022 DAY 16 WOMAN


She’s as peaceful and calm as a dove , no other person fits this description than Queen ? Alyssa Rae Archer-Cooper @arttodaybyalyssarae ???


“How I #breakthebias in my field:

I #breakthebias by living my life authentically, and by being unapologetically me. My art business is fueled by passion, purpose, and personal development as I am committed to letting my own experiences and thought-processes guide my work. When I am in create-mode, it does not take me long to enter this beautiful state of flow, where my energy is centered on giving life to a new subject. Each brush stroke is done with specific attention to balance, structure, and details, which is aligned with my general approach to life.”


Thank you Alyssa, We Love and Celebrate you. ?


Alyssa Is a Visual & Performance Artist , leisure and cultural officer, Martial arts and dance trainer

Feel free to follow her, reach out to her and use her services.


LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/alyssarae

Website: www.alyssarae.ca

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/arttodaybyalyssarae