Meet Our Day 24 Woman, Her Royal gorgeousness Queen Vickie Jossph

With a standing ovation, welcome with us her royal gorgeousness in all of her sweetness, beauty and glory ??

Our 2022 DAY 24 WOMAN is that perfect definition of Women genuinely supporting and creating spaces to empower, raise, nurture and build fellow Women. She is fierce yet super sweet.


This Queen right here gives her all to embrace and support those in her field of business without an inch of competitive spirit . Rare to find right? Yeah! What you see is what you get, Tested and Trusted ?no fake zone with this woman??


Now, raise your glasses of wine?? as we present to you Queen ? Vickie Joseph @vickiejoseph_ of @v_kosmetik @groupe3737


“I invested in my mission and breaking barriers for women of colors and my community when diversity wasn’t sexy for more than a decade now. I co-created one of the biggest incubator Group 3737 that helps and erves entrepreneurs from the diversity. Also We at V-Kosmetik are changing the way buyers in the beauty industry are incorporating black owned beauty products into their shelves selection. We are bringing beauty products to the underserved which was an investment risk when we started in the business. We are changing the narrative of Canadian women in business transcending our mission and message internationally!”


Thank You Vickie, We Love and Celebrate you ?


Vickie is a serial entrepreneur, Creatrice , co-fondatrice and philanthropist


Feel free to follow her accounts and use her services.