Meet Our Day 23 Woman, Our Super Duper Queen Marie- Odiette Moubayed

Meet this lovely and supportive woman whose smiles light up even the darkest of places. Her positive energy is super infectious ?


Our 2022 DAY 23 WOMAN is true to herself and her job, her level of expertise says so much on how organized and wonderful she is.


Let’s make welcome the super duper awesome Queen ? Marie-odette @casa.pure ???


“As a professional organizer, my main clients are women, mothers and families. I see how gender roles, though evolving, are still defined along traditional lines.


In order to #breakthebias, my goal is to ensure that home organizing is equally shared amongst both genders of the household and not just the women, whom in today’s day and age carry the burden of many roles and responsibilities, grateful as they are to the giants of freedom and emancipation that made it possible for them to be here!”


Thank you Marie-odette, We Love and Celebrate you ?


Marie-Odette is a professional Declutter and a Home organizing expert.

She helps overwhelmed families clear their clutter.


Feel free to use her services and follow her on her Social media page.