MEET OUR DAY 19 WOMAN, Queen Anastasia

Meet Our hardworking and Beautiful DAY 19 WOMAN. Her support to everything and everyone she holds dear is unwavering. Introducing, the lovely Queen Anastasia of ‘Biskotakia_MTL’



“I am a woman. A daughter, a mother, a wife, a business woman, a friend, a supporter and a role model. I am strong,

proud, empowered and comfortable in my body. I stand for the equality and support of us all.

Someone once asked me why I order deserts from other small businesses if I can make them on my own. The answer was simple, supporting other businesses makes me happy! This can be a dog eat dog world but we are much stronger if we raise eachother up❣”



Not to forget that her cookies are a must try;(check her reviews and thank us later)


Thank you Queen Anastasia, we love and celebrate you dearly.