MEET OUR DAY 18 WOMAN, Caroline Thelemaque

If you need to describe an Amazon of a woman, OUR DAY 18 WOMAN fits in perfectly. Her support to everything and everyone around her is second to none. Indulge us to share with you that she gives the best hugs with smiles and joy that radiates from within. Now, let’s make welcome the lovely and wonderful queen

Caroline Thelemaque,

President and CEO of Groupe GAZELLES.



“For the past 15 years, through our company Groupe GAZELLES, Club Les GAZELLES, our Social Club and the Dreams Incubator, our co-working space. We have been building a movement.


A sisterhood and a safe space where like-minded women, particularly those from ethnocultural backgrounds, come together to build bridges, support each other and create an inclusive community.


Recognizing that since we do not all have the same opportunities, we have to pool our resources, and empower each other to increase our reach and influence. In so doing, we improve our lives and the lives of our sisters.”


Thank you dear Queen Caroline, we celebrate you dearly.