Meet Our Day 17 Woman, Inspiring and Beautiful Chrissanthi Nastopoulos

Meet our Sweet, Creative, Friendly, Inspiring and Beautiful 2022 DAY 17 WOMAN ??


Her warm heartedness and lovely nature says a lot about how she boost confidence in women through her work. She’s none other than the wonderful Chrissanthi Nastopoulos of @chrissanthi_fac ????


“I #Breakthebias by showing up for women. As a Fifth Avenue Collection stylist, selling jewelry has never been my MO. This may sound strange…allow me to elaborate…

For over 10 years I have proudly served women in my capacity as a FAC stylist. I have lent a supportive ear to women who needed to be heard, I have offered sound advice and assistance to them, be it through my door to door visits, inviting them into my home, and during this pandemic – through a virtual platform.

Throughout my journey, the jewelry has served as an invaluable means to empower women, to connect with them, giving them a renewed sense of confidence and a safe place to share their experiences, hopes, fears and dreams. This has always been my purpose, the jewelry has been a means to that end.

Sustaining my business during this pandemic meant that I needed to innovate, leave my comfort zone and go beyond what I was used to. So many women were relying on me. I started doing live broadcasts on Facebook every Monday to keep the channels of communication open in a time when most were feeling isolated and alone. This transformed my business and now I have a loyal following of women in my “virtual VIP Group” who continue to serve as my inspiration and reason for showing up.

There is still work to be done in the jewelry industry. Going beyond the “bling” and promoting acceptance, tolerance and love in my circle of women is how I proudly #Breakthebias.”


Thank you Chrissanthi, We Love and Celebrate you.??


Chrissanthi is a stylist at Fifth Avenue, where she empowers and connects with women through her jewelry sales.

Feel free to follow her and reach out via her DM to use her services.