Make A Way For Our Day 18 Woman,

Make way for our Amiable and Gorgeous ‘DAY 18 WOMAN’ ???


She is Rima Talih of @rimatalih @rimatalihdesigns


“#IchooseToChallenge by ensuring to starve my distractions and to continuously feed my focus, while striving to be a better version of myself.


I started this year with a particular mindset regarding all aspects of my life.


This will naturally transfer onto my professional life as well. I want to grow both businesses I own simultaneously, because I believe that once you’re doing well in your mindset and vision, you can take that onto all aspects of your life.


I have set out huge milestones for myself this year, and I know I will manifest them. It doesn’t have to be hard work, once your heart and brain are aligned. And trust me, they are one!  We are all made for more, we just have to believe in ourselves that’s all!”


Thank you Rima, This is Inspiring


We Love and Celebrate You ??


Feel free to Send her a DM to order your Luxury pillows, scarves and fashion accessories