Let’s Welcome Our Vibrate and Beautiful Day 27 Woman, Cindy Isaac

Look who we have here, She’s our Vibrant, Beautiful and Hardworking ‘DAY 27 WOMAN’ ???


She is Cindy Isaac @cindyisaac


Cindy is a Canada Lead HR for her company,


#Ichoosetochallenge my field of business on being a voice and raising conscious of the need for Diversity and Inclusion on all level in my organization.


You will always find minorities as employees, or at first level management but there’s a glass ceiling that needs to be broken in order to see more diversity in a boardroom.

We are seeing some changes now with more women in Executive positions. But often in organisations people don’t even realize that minority are not at the table and our voices are not being heard.


As a minority HR executive, I challenge the executive team to look across the boardroom and across the whole country that whenever there’s an opportunity to invite someone in (ex: hire a new executive) it is up to us to prioritize filling that seat with voices that we are not hearing from.


Board diversity matters but concentrating on only one form of diversity isn’t enough. We are in a time where we are seeing boards across our country making progress on gender diversity but not on other forms of social diversity — such as race, nationality, and age.  We are now hearing a lot of buzz on Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) its good but how I see it : this change should come from a top-down, or executive-driven, approach. In the top-down approach, your executive team will make the decisions and delegate implementation to the team leaders. Board members can have a direct impact on the success of D&I within the organization by setting the tone that this is a topic prioritized by the board.


Who better be a champion for diversity than someone from a diverse group in an HR executive position.”


Thank you Cindy, This is Inspiring

We Love and Celebrate You ??