Let’s Welcome Our Super Amazing Day 25 Woman, Lin Sok

Here comes our Super Amazing, Gorgeous and Resourceful ‘DAY 25 WOMAN’ ???


She is Lin Sok of @womenandmoneymtl @sohonassurances


“#choosetochallenge my field by disturbing the status quo. I am not your typical blazer-wearing, high finance-sounding type of financial advisor. I am real, I am simple, I am not an algorithm. I take on clients who have been underserved by the financial industry, and have real conversations with them about their finances – that actually make sense. The majority of my clientele is made up of women considered middle-income earners, with little or no experience in investing. It breaks my heart when I look at some of the statements these ladies send to me. They’ve been saving money for years, with very little return. In the meantime, banks are posting record profits during a global pandemic. At what point does this sound wrong?”


Thank you Lin, This is Inspiring


We Love and Celebrate You ??


Feel free to send her a DM for your Insurance, Mortgage and Investment plans.