Let’s Welcome Our Lovely Day 24 Woman, Laura

Here comes our Lovely, Sweet, Beautiful & Artistic ‘DAY 24 WOMAN’???


She is Laura, the number one Cakesicle creator?, confectionery artist, Baker, Shaker, Dessert Maker and owner @yum.creations


“I#ChooseToChallenge all women wanting to start something new in their life but are holding back…a business venture, a hobby, a lifestyle practice…it’s never too late to start something you feel passionate and strongly about. Never!


After being a “stay at home” mom for almost 10 years, it was time to launch YUM Creations…I was 42 and had limited knowledge of social media. And it didn’t stop me from moving forward, and never has. Age shouldn’t hold back anyone from their aspirations and passions.


You can create something beautiful for yourself and loved ones and build a beautiful community of supporters when you believe in yourself.

Dream BIG, never give up, you can do anything…at any age!”


Thank you Laura, This is Inspiring

We Love and Celebrate You ??


Feel free to send her a DM to order Cakes, cakes