Let’s Welcome Our Day 6 Woman, Melanie Jade Boulerice

Meet our Adorable ‘DAY 6 WOMAN’ ??


She’s Melanie Jade Boulerice @nursemelaniejadeb the Owner @nomadicnurseagency


Melanie has been a practicing registered nurse for 7 years in the emergency room & psychiatry.


She opened a business in mobile nursing services, student nurse mentorship program and an emergency nurse event service called Nomadic Nurse Agency @nomadicnurseagency . She balances this all with working in the busy emergency room at Montreal’s Trauma #1 center and is honored to have been taught by amazing nurses throughout her years.


“I #choosetochallenge my field by filling the void in our health care system. With the experience developed in the emergency room, I was able to see the lacks of our health care system. I grew to understand them, advocate for health and implement change. The Pandemic has been a burden on our health care system that already needs so much work and my team and I accept the challenges to help implement change for the better of our people.”


Thanks Melanie, This is Inspiring


We Love and Celebrate You ??


Send her a DM for Pharmaceutical Services and your Mobile nurse Concierge needs.