Let’s Welcome Our Day 22, Queen of Networking, Queen Lin Sok

Here comes the Queen of Networking, the Queen with a large heart , the Queen of everything fun and interesting.

Do you need a great listener? This Queen right here is everything!

Do you need someone to connect the dots of your finances? Our 2022 DAY 22 WOMAN is that perfect Queen to solve the puzzle.


Drum rolls as we present to you no other person than the Goal-oriented and beautiful Queen ? Lin Sok @moneyandstrategy @sohonassurances @groupeorbis ??


“How do I #BreaktheBias in my field? My goal is to change the face of financial services and wealth in Canada and to step up the financial literacy game of the average woman across the country. Over and over, I’ve been told that I don’t look like a financial advisor, I don’t sound like a financial advisor, yet I’m incredibly knowledgeable and have a knack of being able to explain financial jargon in layman terms. I am trying to break down barriers not only for the average client, but also the direction of the industry.


My end goal is to become a regular face on BNN Bloomberg and to take a senior position at a financial services firm. Change begins from the top.”


Thank you Lin, We Love and Celebrate you ?


Lin is a financial security advisor and founder @sohonassurances , Mortgage broker @groupeorbis , Creator of ‘Women and Money MTL’ Facebook community


Feel free to follow her social media handles and use her services.