Let’s Welcome Our Day 13 Woman, Marie-Odette

Here comes our Warm hearted ‘DAY 13 WOMAN’ ???


She is Marie-Odette Moubayed of @casa.pure

Casa Pure – Home Organizing


“#IChoosetoChallenge my field of business by demonstrating to new and potential clients that hiring a Professional Home Organizer is an accessible and affordable way towards well-being.


People outside the industry may see the term Professional Home Organizer and quickly conclude it’s about “expensive storage solutions and systems.” There are, however, many possibilities when referring to home organization. I would like to focus on emotional and mental wellness and help my clients feel serene in the most important place on earth: their Home.


Home Organizing is the vehicle I want to use to contribute to the world of well-being. How can I help others achieve their wellness goal as a Home Organizer? By helping them find a new perspective through reusing, refurbishing, and reapplying existing items to give them a new life – to prevail over the mental and physical clutter!


People will often invest for help on the outside only to come back to a cluttered home and start the whole process over and over again. When starting from within, and slowly working their way out, the results can only be positive and durable.”


Thank you Marie-Odette, It’s Inspiring


We Love and Celebrate You ??

Send her a DM for your Home/office space organizing needs