Let’s Welcome Our Day 11 Woman, Queen Rosa

Introducing to you our DAY 11 WOMAN, She’s an inspiring ,goal-driven ,love personified and kind hearted soul with a great passion for saving the planet through all she does. She’s no other than Queen Rosa @ecologicoandco ???


“Hi my name is Rosa, I started Ecologico and Co in 2020. I sell eco, vegan and other fashion bags. My mission is to help clean up our planet for our future generations.

As a mom, wife, daughter, friend, entrepreneur, and a person with a disability I look beyond factors that do not define a person such as colour,religion,sexual orientation, disabilities etc. I love people for their passion, enthusiasm, kindness, integrity etc.

Woman need to lead by example and demonstrate equity and inclusion in their every day lives. By setting the example we are teaching others and our children to see beyond factors that do not define a person. Once we all join in and do our part, we will be able to eliminate these senseless prejudices.”


Thank you Queen Rosa, we celebrate you dearly?