Let’s Make a Way For Our Day 8 Woman,Minévia Francis

Kindly Make way for the Beautiful ‘DAY 8 WOMAN’ ???


She is Minévia Francis of @minevia_spa where she runs a Spa and a Beauty Academy.


“As I work in the the field of beauty, I believe many women are scared to use their voice to reach out to other women and let them know they are strong, beautiful, and they are confident in many ways and can do anything to be successful. We need to thrive and push ourselves to the limit for our womanly voices may to be heard internationally.


I #choosetochallenge in my field of business by letting every woman know, success is there once you work hard for it and believe in it. We can be anything we want as a woman when we love it from the mind, body and heart”


Thank You Minévia, This is Inspiring.


We Love and Celebrate You ?