Let’s Celebrate Our Day 8 Woman Fariha Naqvi-Mohamed

If you haven’t met our 2022 DAY 8 WOMAN, you really need to meet her. She’s one of a kind and her genuine show of love and warm heartedness is second to none. No psyches! ??


With our glasses of champagne well raised ???? as we celebrate Women’s Day today, let’s Usher in this super amazing and ever supportive Queen ? whose passion for pushing inclusion and diversity is admirable.??????????


She’s no other person than Fariha Naqvi-mohamed of @farihanaqvimohamed ????. Y’all will agree with me, everyone needs a Fariha in their corner.


“I #BreakTheBias in my field of journalism and PR by standing proud in my truth. I have been told for years that I do not ‘look’ like a journalist. I have been told that I do not belong. I have had my ability to do what I know I was born to do, questioned because I may not fit a preconceived notion of what I ought to look like.


I refuse to let the opinions of others define who I am. I stand proud in my truth. And in being my most authentic self, I serve as a reminder to all those who may look different, that we belong. Each and every single one of us. This is exactly why representation and diversity matter.”


Thank you Fariha, We Love and Celebrate you .??


Fariha Naqvi-Mohamed is a Blogger. Journalist. Influencer

Founder https://CanadianMomEh.com


Columnist with the Montreal Gazette @montrealgazette

Video Journalist with CityNews Montreal. @citynewsmontreal


Feel free to follow her on her social media platforms and use her services. Lest we forget, She’s also a public speaker.