MEET OUR DAY 17 WOMAN, Queen Stephanie

Introducing you to our very creative, artistic, lovely and beautiful DAY 17 WOMAN who is nothing short of amazing, welcome with us Queen Stephanie @otpillustration

“I am the owner of Off The Page Illustration better known as OTP Illustration.

The way that I embrace equity in my industry is that I am a big believer in entrepreneurship. I think that if there is a place you want to be in this world, that you should carve it out.

Before working as an illustrator I worked as an actor. During that time I felt that there were less opportunities for women in the theatre industry so together with my best friend Polly Nelson, I co-wrote and co-produced two full length plays , the second of which featured an all female cast.

My illustration work began as a hobby; something I would do for my children and loved ones. When I realized that I wanted to pursue opening my illustration business I was fortunate to have the encouragement and support of fellow women who were small business owners. Women like Sonia Rodi Child Behaviour Specialist and Allison Weigensberg from Everything in Place, who shared their wisdom and experience with me while starting my company.

I believe that the approach to embracing equity is through abundance. By coming together, encouraging other women to join us by starting their own projects we will flourish. I believe all women have a creator inside of us and we can create the world that we want to be a part of.”

Thank you dear Queen Stephanie, We celebrate you dearly.