Introducing Our Day 28 Woman, Queen Mehwaish

Introducing to you our Efficient, Sweet, Loving, Humble and Caring 2022 DAY 28 WOMAN


Have you ever met someone so passionate about children education ? That person is no other than Queen ? Mehwaish @garderiekiddykat ???


” How I ‘break the bias’ is I show up for myself, and those around me. My rule of thumb is that if I can take care of myself then I will be the best version of myself to everyone around me. I show up for my children, for my little clients, my educators, my parents and especially women. Women have to stick together. We are always busy filling others cups but we need to start with our own and pour from a full cup. This analogy has brought me a work ethic that allows me to give everyone around me the most memorable experience because I take the time to nurture my soul body.”


Thank you Mehwaish, We Love and Celebrate you ?


Mehwaish Raja is the Director and founder of @garderiekiddykat a bilingual early childhood care centre with enriched pre-school program. She also does private space rental.


Feel free to use her services and follow her on her Social media page.