Introducing Our Day 18 Woman, Beautiful And Hardworking Queen Cindy Isaac

Introducing to you our Lovely, Bold, Vibrant, Beautiful and Hardworking 2022 DAY 18 WOMAN??

She’s an inspiration regarding how she embraces diversity and inclusion in her field, her Royal awesomeness is no other than Queen ? Cindy Isaac @cindyisaac ?


“How to break the bias in my field.

The most common way to break biases in business, is to remove gender from decision making. It’s easier said than done. Studies after studies showed that replacing a woman name to a man’s name in a resume will increase her hiring chances by 60%. Now imagine not putting any name when hiring an executive. Judging the candidate purely and solely on competency and pass experience. That is 1 way I break the bias in my field.”


Thank you Cindy, We Love and Celebrate you ??

Cindy is a Canada Lead HR executive, for her company. Who better be a champion for diversity than someone from a diverse group in an HR executive position.

  1. Do you need tips on HR management or how to put structure in place for your business? Feel free to reach out to her @cindyisaac.