Introducing Our Day 15 Woman, Beauty And Simplicity Queen Elle

Introducing to you a sweet soul.

Our 2022 DAY 15 WOMAN is love personified and a true supporter of all things great.

She’s also a definition of Hardwork, Class, Beauty and Simplicity

With a standing ovation, let’s Welcome Queen ? Elle of @creations.elle @avecclasse.mtl @watchmypet???


“I #breakthebiais in my field by bringing women together in the same space through my private shopping and networking events.

I like to surround myself with women as passionate as me to achieve their goals. The truth is that raising each other up and canalizing the power of collaboration is truly how we’ll make an impact! A woman alone has power; collectively we are unbeatable.

I also #breakthebiais by using my voice to speak the truth, by running few businesses, by believing in myself, by being powerful, by being determined and by constantly pushing my limits.”


Thank you Elle, We Love and Celebrate you ?


  • Elle runs a luxurious candle brand which promotes wellbeing through aromatherapy, a pet sitting business and a lavish event planner. Everything she does is with so much joy and love, feel free to use her services by reaching out through her social media handles.