Introducing Our Beautiful And Energetic Day 9 Woman, Hallab

Make way for this beautiful, energetic and creative Queen ?.

Introducing to you one and only holistic health service provider who is no one else than our 2022 DAY 9 WOMAN

Now, let’s say her name. She is Reina Hallab of @raw_healing ???



´ When the Women Heals The World Heals´

By: Creating Rebirth Women Series‘ Circle enable the Women to cleanse, balance & heal their chakras, connect with their body, awaken their feminine energy & embrace their soul!

I believe in the power of togetherness into oneness:

« Empower All Women to Radiate in their Inner Power to Co-Create a Conscious and Awakening World”


Thank you Reina, We Love and Celebrate you ??


Reina is an holistic health service provider that caters for everyone while letting them know the power of healing, power of love, power of the body and she generally empowers Men and Women through her ‘raw healing love healing club’


She welcomes you all to follow her on her Social media platform and to use her services.

Instagram: @Raw_Healing / @RawLoveRecipes / @RawMarketingInc