Here’s Our Gorgeous and Fierce, Day 30 Woman, Svetlana Chernienko

Make way for Our Fierce, Strong & Gorgeous ‘DAY 30 WOMAN’


She is Svetlana Chernienko @therealsvetlana of @wü-sah


“For myself, how I will continue to make a difference is continuing the work in my community for mental health I continue to speak about mental illness openly in the hopes that we end the stigma..


I will educate people on my story of domestic abuse that led to my journey with living with mental illness. How we can happen to anyone it doesn’t discriminate.


I will continue to educate others. The way that I make a difference and challenge people in my way is because I am an advocate yes however I live with mental illness . I will continue to share my story to push against the stigmatization of those who live with mental illness.”


Thank you Svetlana, This is Inspiring.

We Love and Celebrate You ??