Here’s Our Day 26 Woman, Loni Papadakis

Here comes our Lovely, Lively and Sweet ‘DAY 26 WOMAN’???


She is Ioni Papadakis of @ioni.papadakis (formerly @sheleadsmanagement )


Ioni is a Self Development and Leadership coach.


“The average person does not believe they can affect change because they feel they need to be in an official position of power. But change starts within first. Start with self-leading your life to purpose. Start with aligning your values to your thoughts, emotions, behaviors and habits. Mastering yourself within and striving to lead yourself better every day seems self-serving, but it is not. Self-leadership helps bring out a better version of yourself, it helps you live into your potential. And when you allow yourself to walk into your purpose, your better version ends up positively affecting the broader good. So, if we want real change, we have to start encouraging people to start within, to start with self-leadership. Lead yourself first and there will be a ripple effect in how our employees, loved ones and community lead themselves, and that’s what brings real long-lasting change.”


Thank You Ioni, This is Inspiring

We Love and Celebrate You ??