Here Comes Our Supportive Day 21 Woman, Latoya Belfon

Here comes our Supportive and Super Duper Awesome ‘DAY 21 WOMAN’ ???


She is Latoya Belfon @latoyabelfonjohn of @labworkspublishing


“Choose to Challenge means asking critical questions- the questions that stay hidden because of the fear that arises when addressing societal issues or the fear of showing what you believe!


#Ichoosetochallenge myself daily to uphold my values and morals but also being brave to stand in solidarity with all my brothers and sisters of different races and cultures.

#Ichoosetochallenge the norm of motherhood.

#Ichoosetochallenge the face of entrepreneurship.

#Ichoosetochallenge the face of authorship and

#Ichoosetochallenge myself daily to become a better, stronger woman who is excited to stand firm in the face of challenges and who does so bravely with beauty and grace!”


Thank you Latoya, This is Inspiring


We Love and Celebrate You ??


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