Here comes our Incredible and Gorgeous ‘DAY 31 WOMAN’ Nifemi

Here comes our Incredible and Gorgeous ‘DAY 31 WOMAN???


She is Nifemi of @niffysignature @montrealvendors


I #choosetochallenge the word ‘diversity’ from limiting all I needed to do to make impacts.


I #choosetochallenge the status quo on how Women’s Achievements get downplayed and crush the mentality that they have no ‘voice’.

Women, use your voice in every capacity you can! You are more and You’re made for More!


I #chosetochallenge the face of depression in all its forms by consciously doing what makes me happy and fulfilled; that was one of the ways ‘Sertraline’ had to take the back seat and :


– The need to be the Voice and face of Business owners to feel heard & seen for Visibility was one of the things I craved and Surprisingly a catalyst to get my Mental Health back in shape. The more I see other people Happily smiling, got me fulfilled and gradually stretched me out of Being depressed.

You know what? Putting smiles on your faces indirectly did that to me.You’re all a part of my healing Journey. We are Family.??❣️

– It only means our Circumstances shouldn’t limit and dictate how we need to show up for others. But, never ever forget to ‘pause’ when necessary as you can’t give what you don’t have neither can you pour from an empty Cup.


I #chosetochallenge The need to stretch my comfort zone and not use the kids/marital status as excuses for not Hitting my goals . Striking a balance is key, we’re all a work in progress! (Many a times, I had to show up at virtual events and live sessions even breastfeeding the lil one on my Laps as I had to whisper to myself “Woman, it’s part of your struggles and Journey, nothing is stopping you Nifemi”)


I #choosetochallenge How the face of Brand Visibility could be by Constantly Celebrating you all while promoting what you do. Hence the reason our ‘tagline’ here is ‘ Beyond Advertising’.


I #choosetochallenge what Success timing connotes..When it’s time, it’s T-I-M-E! Just Do It! The key ingredient needed is to S-T-A-R-T and you’re halfway there. Shut your ears to the noise in your head or around you telling you you’re moving too fast or things are going fast for you. It only means you’re putting in so much work and don’t forget to toot your horns too. Celebrate your lil wins and indulge yourself silly when you can. You’re your first and biggest cheerleader as no one owes you anything and don’t feel entitled.


I #choosetochallenge the Idea of allowing your course define your path in life. You can be anything you want to be. You can be a Chemical & Polymer Engineer and still be a Beauty Consultant, Community Builder, Customer Resolution Specialist and an Author(Story of my life). You can do and can be more if you want to be. You are in charge!


I #choosetochallenge what should be given more priority in the Beauty Industry as I include high level of Health & beauty safety in my beauty practice which is more makeup application. Safety first! My safe beauty products and beauty health guide will tell you more.



Thank you Nifemi, this is Inspiring.

We love and celebrate you?❤️