Hardworking Black Vendor Andy

Honoring hardworking, Black Vendor who have shown great tenacity, their beautiful love for Art, resistance and resilience while showcasing them for you to support them.
Welcome with us this hardworking, focused and awesome Black Vendor whose love for Art speaks volume through his works. No other person than Andy of @andydass?
Andy is an urban cartoon artist and creator of monstertoons He creates original and fun worlds to explore
Inspired by the iconic animation of Warner Brothers and Walt Disney, Andrew Da Silva ‘Andy Dass’ gravitated towards cartoons at an early age. What was once just Saturday morning entertainment, became an obsession as Andy would spend hours drawing his own creations. Growing older meant new influences and experimentation; graffiti culture, comic books, lowbrow art, and pop art became new found inspirations which shaped and molded his ” feel good ” paintings of today.
The strong urge to create his own characters, and worlds, eventually led him to create his popular monstertoon, and planetary paintings. An eighties and nineties baby at heart, these paintings reflect the color palettes, and nostalgia, of a time long ago, but certainly not forgotten. ” Feel good ” Andy’s paintings evoke this sentiment, a sense of playfulness, with a touch of thought provoking mischief. Born and raised in Montreal, today Andy continues to paint his trippy monstrous creations that are adored by collectors worldwide.
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