Delia Elle

Delia Elle

Shall we rise ??for this She-champion of a Queen ?? Yes please?
She’s our creative, awesome, supportive and hardworking DAY 4 WOMAN ???.
No other person than the lovely ‘Delia Ele’ of @reineesstitches

“Breaking the bias, stereotypes, inequality doesn’t start and end on International women’s day, it is a 365 days a year fight.

Studies have shown that the fashion industry that provides us the capacity to express who we are through what we wear are majorly propped by women who work behind the scenes in garment factories and these women have little or no voice in the workplaces and are paid little wages that leaves them trapped in a cycle of poverty……..
To Break the bias starts with the choices you make. It starts with the brands you patronise. choose to speak out, choose to support women creatives and female brands and together we can #Breakthebias

Thank you Delia, We Love and Celebrate you??❣️

Delia is a fashion-preneur who makes African inspired fashionable outfits for the everyday stylish woman. Her services include:
– Bespoke Tailoring
– Made to Order
– Alteration services.
Feel free to reach out to her to use her services and follow her on her Social media platform.