Make Way For Our Day 2 Woman, Queen Caroline

Clap your hands as we rise to make some lovely noises while Ushering in our DAY 2 WOMAN????

No other person than this Inspiring, anti-bully advocate and amazing Queen ? Caroline of ?

“We are One Sweet One Clothing Co., a new Montreal-based clothing brand founded by a mother (Caroline) and her two young daughters (Chelsea & Madison), who together, create original, limited-edition designs to help SUPPORT, PROMOTE and FUND various CAUSES.

Our mission is to to make a difference and impact everyone of all ages, while giving back to society ONE cause at a time!

Our current collection called
“TO BE BULLY-FREE” was designed to show people that there is zero tolerance for bullying. And with every item purchased from this collection, a portion of the proceeds will go towards funding Anti-Bullying School Tours & Programs offered by the Youth Stars Foundation.

Through every item that we design, we want to show that a society with no more hate. No more negativity. No more exclusivity is possible! One Sweet One is about love, positivity and inclusivity!

We want to emPOWER and enCOURAGE humanKIND to do better and to be better to ONE another!

Together let’s #EmbraceEquity