Day 5 woman, Herenia Mata

You need to meet this Queen ? whose awesome personality dazzles like a diamond.


With much excitement as we raise our glasses???, let’s welcome our 2022 DAY 5 WOMAN who is no other person than the lovely ‘Herenia Mata’ of @equilibriumservices



“As an immigrant to Canada and a Montrealer, one thing that has fascinated me since my arrival is the diversity of its people. Not only physically, but our languages, beliefs, cultures, our biases…


So, to #BreakTheBias, I have always made an effort to learn about the other person’s circumstances, their stories, to keep an open mind and to ask questions, instead of making assumptions.


This is something that has helped me well both in my corporate career, but especially as an Organizer, as most of the times we go into people’s homes when they are cluttered and disorganized. Putting the biases and preconceptions aside, we are able to create bonds that help us work and respect each other as the unique individuals we all are.

Happy International Women’s Day!”


Thank you Herenia, We Love and Celebrate you??❣️


Herenia is the Pro-organizer who helps to create comfortable, functional living spaces. Her Home services include: Decluttering, Organizing and Unpacking. She also shares tips, hacks and inspirations on how to achieve a perfectly organized space.


Feel free to follow her on her Social media platform and use her services.