Celebrating Our Black Vendor James St-Louis

Highlighting and celebrating black vendors who have shown resilience, consistency and high resistance to what could limit their growth or opportunities while we showcase them for you to support them.

Meet the goal-getter James . He’s the chef and founder of Black Ninja Pizza.


Founded in 2020 by chef and entrepreneur James St-Louis, Black Ninja Pizza is a black owned ghost kitchen where the chef sums up his favorite recipes. it’s a melting pot of flavours, cultures and people.


After serving as a chef for 11 years in the military, it was time for him to return to the kitchen, in the midst of the pandemic and serve some good and unique pizza. When, Black Ninja Pizza first started it was an in-home kitchen and then it evolved into a commercial kitchen where he was able to create 4 other ghost kitchens .


Do you need any customized pizza with any toppings you can think of, Chef James is your plug.