Celebrating and Highlighting A Fun Loving Akeen Kidder

Celebrating and highlighting creative, artistic and hardworking black Vendors of excellence for you to support them, welcome with us the fun loving Akeen Kidder @yarnartguy “The Yarn Art Guy”


He creates artwork by hot-gluing yarn onto canvases. From famous black celebrity portraits to cartoons and pets, one thing that can be seen in these unique pieces is vibrant colors and patience. These pieces are one of a kind, and the use of yarn gives an added level of unique texture to the work.


Akeen is always trying to inspire new artists to create and try new mediums because you never know where you might find the medium that speaks to you.


Catch The Yarn Art Guy at Theatre Paradox on March 11th, where he will be showcasing some originals as well as prints! (Link in his bio)


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