Celebrate Our Day 6 Woman, Natasha Iyamah

Make way as we introduce to you our beautiful, creative, hardworking, resilient and tall dark chocolate beautiful Queen ?


Are you ready??????????? Now, make some beautiful noises as we Usher in our 2022 DAY 6 WOMAN???

She’s no other person than the lovely ‘Natasha Iyamah’ of

@__nattes and @natteural.collection


“I break the bias by being a successful business owner, beautifying women and empowering and encouraging other women to do the same in my field.”


Thank you Natasha, We Love and Celebrate You ??❣️


Natasha is the Owner and Chief hair Braider , She’s also Montreal’s number one hair stylist for crotchet soft locs and sells hair care products.


Feel free to follow her and use her services.