Cheranda Fraser Williams

Applauding and Recognizing Skillful, Hardworking and Awesome Cheranda Fraser Williams

Applauding and recognizing skillful, hardworking and awesome Black vendors who have shown black resistance in all they do while showing them off for you to support them.
┬áHere’s the beautiful Cheranda Fraser Williams of @sparkle.mtl.xo
She’s into Aesthetics, Candles and Body products.
She is a certified aesthetician, creates handmade soy candles and body products, certified tooth gem technician , certified tooth whitening technician
“Growing up in Quebec, I very rarely saw people within my community who looked like me working in the field of aesthetics. Unfortunately, due to this, I always felt like I wasn’t represented accurately when going to get beauty treatments. Nor did I feel as if the aestheticians that I was seeing had proper knowledge regarding my skin simply because having gone through the Quebec Aesthetics program, I understand that it is not something that is necessarily taught while in school.
Given all of this, as a Black woman in the beauty industry, I’ve made it my goal to continue challenging the status quo and advocating for representation, inclusivity, and diversity in products, advertising, and overall education regarding higher Fitzpatrick types.
Since starting in this industry a few years ago, I have tried to use my platform and voice to the best of my ability to bring attention to the unique beauty experiences and needs of Black women all while still pushing for the recognition and celebration of Black beauty in all its forms. This is why I am such a strong believer in self-care and overall “Black Girl Magic”.
I’ll end this by saying that the celebration of Black History Month is important, but true progress is made by supporting and advocating for Black businesses every day of the year, not just for 28/365 days.”