Acknowledging and celebrating black vendor Danielle

Acknowledging and celebrating black vendors who have been very consistent, dynamic and resilient while showcasing them for you to support black boss l businesses.
Meet the wonderful Danielle, the founder and designer of @Zurianddre, who created Black plush dolls that officially launched in January 2021.
 They’re originally based on the faces from Black Coloring Books (@BlackColouringBooks on IG). The coloring books were self-published by the designer in 2018/2019.
Zuri represents uniqueness. She’s a reminder that it’s okay to be different. It’s okay not to fit in. She represents young girls, who feel unnoticed, and unappreciated because of the melanin in their skin.
Dre is the epitome of Black Boy Joy. He’s a reinterpretation of boyhood, with no need to be serious, or tough. He’s what little boys resemble when given the space to be expressive, and more importantly, happy.
Zuri & Dre, my plush toy/doll brand is helping bridge the gap between soft toys & representation. Soft toys are the first kind of toys you introduce to babies & toddlers, for a few reasons, like ease/less dangerous than hard/plastic toys, as well as helping with sensory play. My dolls are soft, but they are also an introduction of representation to show “everyday” people (not a Disney princess or superhero). They represent their family, neighbors & friends. As a Black woman, who didn’t grow up with these types of toys, I’m qualified to pull this off because I know what it’s like to feel left out because your skin is too dark, or your hair is different. My dolls give people the opportunity to feel like they belong, even at the youngest of ages