A Standing Ovation For Our Passion Driven Day 19 Woman, Farihanaqvi Mohamed

Here comes our Passion-driven and lovely ‘DAY 19 WOMAN’ ???


She is @farihanaqvimohamed


“This International Women’s Day I #ChooseToChallenge perceptions surrounding what a journalist looks like.


I have faced racism and been discriminated against by people I have gone in to interview and many more online. I have been asked when the cameraman or journalist would show up or when filming a story and have been looked down on by people half as qualified as me.


I dreamt of being a journalist since I was a little girl. I wanted to write for a newspaper (the Montreal Gazette to be exact) and be on television. I never allowed the fact that there was nobody that looked like me, doing what I dreamt of doing, stop me.


I went from being told I did not belong to owning my place in the industry and being the change the world needs when it comes to representation in media.


It’s much easier to convince ourselves that there is no space for us at the table than to believe in ourselves enough to create the space we deserve