A standing Ovation For Our Day 6 Woman, Queen Selma

When describing our DAY 6 WOMAN, too many great adjectives come to mind and to say the least, she embodies all round awesomeness. Her hardworking, love and passion for uplifting women entrepreneurs is well celebrated. Allow us introduce to you Queen Selma of ‘les women in black’ @selma_regragrui ???


“Born and raised on pride and hard work values, Selma Régragui, Head of 2CCOM Communication Agency, Initiator and Founder of ‘Les Women In Black’ has never stopped believing in women, their skills and their strengths. A 46-year-old mother of 2 adult children, she always aims to counter stereotypes against women. For her, Equity is not only a word but an action that history must record for future generations. It is not an aim to achieve, but a must have in our daily lives, our interactions as human beings and a principal that governments must adopt automatically when it comes to giving women their chances to be part of our society’s development.

Selma trusts the work of all those brave women who create the opportunities to make the difference daily. It’s doable if you believe in it!”


Thank you Selma, we celebrate you dearly?