A standing Ovation for our Day 27 Woman, Queen Petrona Joseph

Gracing your screen today is our warm hearted, soft spoken, Meticulous and lovely 2022 DAY 27 WOMAN.


Her Royal awesomeness is sweet, humble and altogether wonderful. This Browned-skin beauty is no other than Queen ? Petrona Joseph ?? @iampetronajoseph


“I have been breaking barriers by having the courage to venture into spaces that were never occupied by Black Women. I have also been breaking barriers by exploring the topic of mental illness and my journey with antidepressants. I think that breaking down biases takes lots of understanding of both sides and lots of courage to speak up”.


Thank you Petrona, We love and Celebrate you??


Petrona is a Publicist, Blogger and Bestselling Author, feel free to follow and use her services @iampetronajoseph